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At Home Refresh, we make it easy for you to prepare your home for a successful sale.  Our goal is to get your home sold for the best price in the shortest time.  We simplify the array of services needed to sell your home by serving as your one point of contact throughout the process. Simply select your favorite home staging package and any needed additional services, and we will quickly have your home picture perfect and ready to show to buyers.


Still living in your home and not ready to move out with all your stuff?

- NoT a problem

At Home Refresh we expertly work with what you already own to transform rooms.  We roll up our sleeves to rearrange and edit furniture.  We add in our designer linens, accent pieces, plants, wall art and accessories.  We create beautiful, updated, modernized spaces all designed to successfully sell your home. Our clients often tell us that they enjoy living in their newly refreshed and redesigned homes.  Check out our occupied home staging packages and select the one that's right for you...

DIY Consultation
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If  you're a do it yourselfer, the DIY Consultation may be the perfect service for you.  During our time together, we will evaluate your home and discuss action items for a successful sale.

Our consultation includes a report outlining how to highlight positive architectural features, minimize liabilities, rearrange your furnishings, consider your color choices, add accessories and create a sense of space and environment that buyers will fall in love with!


Full Staging Day
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Full Staging Day

At an initial consultation, you will receive a Home Preparation Plan to complete before your Staging Day.  Building upon what you have started, we will spend up to a day in the home working with you, preparing and photographing many rooms for maximum buyer traffic.  Home accessories and furnishings will be provided that you can either rent or use as a visual of what purchases you will need to make in order to update the home.  This package includes a professional Photo Show and Virtual Flyer using our updated photos for your agent’s marketing efforts.

This option is offered as an add-on to your purchase of a Full Staging Day.  Once we have created a beautiful flow in each room, we will modernize your home, turning it into a picture perfect showplace with our stunning accent furnishings and accessories.  

We love to work with your current furniture by adding our own pieces into the mix.  Our stock of carefully considered accessories and accent pieces will update and modernize the look of any room.  We create spaces that buyers can dream of or “aspire to” and position those spaces to your buyer demographic.  

Our stuff + your stuff rearranged = breathtaking photographs designed to generate the most interest in your home and grab more potential offers.

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-Want to get your home staged for a successful sale, but not ready to pay right away?

You can schedule your staging service now with just a $800 deposit and pay regular price later on your own or through your escrow account.

|Sale Prices Do Not Apply

|Subject To Home Equity Requirement